Collection: WeDú x Pothos : A Shameless Journey

This collection fuses WeDú´s  African Lusophone  roots with  the love of common ground amongst cultures that share common silhouettes  although they are continents apart. 

A  unique range of custom  embroidered pieces were made fusing influences from silhouettes and motifs that exist Angola and the neighboring  Western African coastal regions that share commonalities with East Asian garment traditions, fused with  Portuguese and English  textile technique traditions from  Europe.   

WeDú By Coréon Dú´s eclectic African streetwear for the world citizen meets Pothos  Underwar´s boudoir universe  in a collaboration that reminds our WeDú friends that it is always a good time to stimulate the imagination ,  feel chic, sexy and adventurous . 

Both brands came together due to their aim to empower and motivate our customers to be confident  through fashion. In our effort to keep striving for this goal socially we are donating a portion of the profite from our WeDú x Pothos collection sales to support LGBTQ+ charities in Portuguese speaking world.


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